Author Guidelines

Jurnal Riset Teknologi dan Inovasi Pendidikan (Jartika) accepts the manuscript in the form of research results, both written in Indonesian or English as long as approximately 20 pages of quarto space 1.15 and typed in Microsoft Word with the letters Calibri font 12.

The manuscripts that have been received by the Editor through the OJS system will immediately be forwarded to the reviewer and will be returned to the author after being corrected. Please author refine the script according to the recommendations of the reviewer, and write according to the prescribed rules (according to the Template). Manuscripts that have been refined can be sent back to the system (Re-Submit).

Manuscripts are arranged with the terms and order (a) Page setup: A4 paper with top 2.25, left 2.25, right 2, bottom 2; (b) Titles in Indonesian or English typed in 1 space with Calibri 14 pt font thick (bold); (c) The author's full name is written in Calibri font 11 pt thick (bold); (d) Name of institution / institution, accompanied by full address, telephone, and postal code number, e-mail is written with 10 pt Calibri font not thick; (e) Abstracts in Indonesian and English no more than 200 words.

Systematics Paper: (a) Introduction: (without subtitles, containing background problems, literature review, and research objectives or benefits); (b) Research Method; (c) Results and Discussion; (d) Discussion (if any); (e) Conclusions and Suggestions; (f) Bibliography, written using a numbering system.

Writing Bibliography


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[3]  Sektor Pertanian, Kajian Risiko dan Adaptasi Terhadap Perubahan Iklim Pulau Lombok Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat, Dinas Pertanian NTB, Mataram, 2011.

Proceedings and Seminar Articles

[4]  Syaharuddin, Vera, M., dan Dewi, P., Pengembangan Modul Pemrograman Komputer Berbasis Matlab. Prosiding Seminar Nasional IKIP Mataram, Mataram, Indonesia, h. 12-14, Oktober 2017.